Our Plans for 2017

Officers of the Welsh Senate meet to review their action plan for 2017.


In meeting hosted by Age Cymru in Cardiff, the Officers of the Senate met to review their 2017 action plan.


The Ageing Well Programme. The first item to be considered was the Ageing Well survey, led by the Vice Chair, Geoff Cheetham. All local authorities within Wales had been very supportive and co-operative in supplying copies of their Ageing Well plan. The survey involved speaking to local Older persons groups and determining their involvement in the formulation of the Plan and whether they felt it met their local needs. Best practice will be highlighted as well as areas for development. The survey has taken longer than anticipated as there were many groups to contact but the results have been rewarding. The report of the findings is expected to be finalised by the end of February. It will form the basis of on-going review of the programme in 2017 with updates from local authorities as the plans progresses through its phases.


Domiciliary Care. A survey was being initiated to determine the levels of domiciliary care across Wales. The initial phase of capturing information from local authorities has been completed. A template questionnaire has being prepared and is being piloted. The survey will then undertaken by local members to gather the views of users within their areas. This will initially be a limited survey but an interim report will be prepared by the end of March 2017. The survey will then be extended during 2017 with a report being completed towards the end of the year.