We Are the Welsh Senate of Older People

The Welsh Senate of Older People is an independent, amalgamated force, combining the four national organisations - National Old Age Pensioners Association of Wales, National Pensioners Convention, Older People’s Advisory Group Cymru and Pensioners Forum Wales - and local older people’s organisations, to work together to empower older people in Wales to have a stronger voice. The Welsh Senate of Older People was officially launched on Friday 1 October 2010 at an event in Tŷ Hywel, Cardiff Bay. Representatives from the Welsh Government and the UK Government were invited to sign the Welsh Senate of Older People’s charter, committing to promoting the Senate and its aims. Since the launch, the Welsh Senate of Older People has grown to include over 30 older people’s organisations..


-To identify important issues that are of concern to, impact on, or otherwise affect the interests of older people in Wales. -To articulate and bring these issues and concerns to the attention of central government, the Welsh Government, other agencies and bodies and the general public as considered appropriate. -To communicate in an effective manner with its member organisations so as to keep them fully informed about the work and activities of the Senate. -To support the work of and make representations to the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales..


The objectives of the Senate shall be to provide older people in Wales with a unified voice in relation to: -Representing and protecting their interests in relation to general policy matters which may impact on areas such as age discrimination, income and prosperity, housing, health and social care, transport, security, life-long learning, leisure and general well-being. -Working with other organisations to improve the services available for older people through better overall co-ordination of the efforts of those who are involved or concerned. -Promoting better and closer co-operation between different existing older people’s organisations in areas where they share common interests or goals and also improving channels of communication between them. -Monitoring the implementation of the Strategy for Older People in Wales and its key aims..


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